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Wedding April 11th 2015

Published: Sunday, 12 April 2015



Our April wedding was fabulous,fun and happy times.

Amy and Brandon thank you for including us in your most important day of your life.

We will cherish wonderful memories from your wedding reception.It was fun to dj your dance.

Lights were perfect.Gobo light as well. Congratulations!!

All the best to you from us!







Wedding March 21st,2015

Published: Sunday, 22 March 2015



 Few pictures from March wedding reception  that took place at Sidney Fairgrounds.

We were set up on the north side of the building which worked probably the best for our lights and gobo light with bride and groom names and their wedding date displayed first on the dance floor later on the wall.

That particular  light  we were able to use it for the first time.It definitely highlighted our dj set up.

Amanda and Spencer-Congratulations!thank you for fun time we wish you all the best.





Wedding February 7th 2015

Published: Sunday, 08 February 2015




Our first wedding of this year took place in beautiful old historic building-Pine Bluffs Wyoming Old High School.
Great place, great people,wonderful and kind couple-Dakota and Will.
Thank you for choosing us to be part of your most important day and giving us a great start for our new DJ season.
We wish you both all the best in your new life together.





Wedding December 27th 2014

Published: Sunday, 28 December 2014

djWhat a great last wedding of this year for us!

Wonderful party,amazing people and great place!

No better wedding reception anyone can ask to DJ to end great year!

Thank you Tina and Austin for choosing us to be your DJ for your most important day in your lives! What a great wedding party,we appreciate all of you.

Thank you! and we wish Tina and Austin all the best!







Wedding December 13th 2014

Published: Sunday, 14 December 2014



12/13/14 was a wedding date for Ashley and Carson and we were honored to DJ their beautiful and amazing dance reception.

We could not ask for a more fun and great people to be with on that day!Thank you so much!

You are both truly wonderful couple! We wish you all the best in life!







Wedding November 1st 2014

Published: Sunday, 02 November 2014



We started November with beautiful wedding we were honored to DJ.It was  so much fun!

We did few changes since last time we DJ at Sidney Fairgrounds Building.

Most of all we used fog machine.

We also uplighted bridal table -matched the colors of the wedding,later changed it........

Pefect times!

Whitney you looked so beautiful!We wish you guys all the best and thank you for having us!




Wedding August 30th 2014

Published: Sunday, 31 August 2014

wedding dj  chadron nebraska




Our last summer wedding took place in Chadron.

Our set up worked out great in Chadron Event Center.

We used all the lights and we uplighted back wall behind us.

Colors that we used were mainly  shades  of purple and blue.

Everything was so perfect ,we had a lot of fun,thank you for having us!




Wedding August 23rd 2014

Published: Sunday, 24 August 2014


 Another August Wedding this year took place outside at the Blue Creek Lodge by Cresent Lake in Nebraska.

It is a very nice place with good space for outdoor wedding.

We did few things differently because of outside settings.

Since we were set up outside we did not use our booth this time.We covered our table and lighted it up with led lights so the set up could look nice and elegant.

 Rain storm interrupted for a little bit but after it passed we could continue with the event but that is why we ALWAYS have to be under some kind of rain,weather protection to prevent equipment damage.

Overall wedding was great fun.

Click on the picture to see our facebook gallery from that event.


Wedding August 16th 2014

Published: Sunday, 17 August 2014


This wonderful and beautiful wedding took place outdoors.

For us it was the first time to DJ outside of the building using our new sound and lightning equipment.

Weather did cooperate however typically we do not do events using that much gear for outside parties without having any cover to protect everything.

We had a lot of fun being part Tessa and Cody most important day of their lives.Thank you for having us.





Wedding August 9th 2014

Published: Sunday, 10 August 2014


August 9th was day for another wedding at Sidney Elks Club.

Our set up was pretty much the same like week ago.

Colors were little different.We had exeptional fun DJ this one.

Great vibe of love and fun.

Perfect wedding and dance reception.

More pictures on the facebook if you click on the picture on the right.





Wedding August 2nd 2014

Published: Saturday, 02 August 2014

First weekend in August we DJ wedding party in Sidney at the Elks Club.

It was a lot of fun to do  this one.Nice decoration that changed the  vibe of the whole room.

We lit centerpiece with our adj waterlight.We used our whole trussing system to light the room up.

Also we added fog machine that highlighted our laser lights and chauvet intimidator moving heads. Colors for formal part of the wedding were mostly aqua green and yellow.

It was a great wedding to be part of.Thank you for having us


Wedding July 26th 2014

Published: Saturday, 26 July 2014


Summer yellow colors were theme for July 26th wedding.

Reception took place in Sidney Legion Hall.It is a very nice ,small place that can be used for wedding receptions.

Because of smaller size of the room we weren`t able to put up our trussing system.

Instead we used stands to put our lights on and we uplighted area behind us.We used fog machine and chauvet intimidator spot duo moving heads  which we placed on our subs.

That combination was perfect!Fun times,good people.Thank you for having us.

You can click on the image to see more photos from the wedding




Wedding July 12th 2014

Published: Saturday, 12 July 2014

wedding dj sidney nebraska


Our first July wedding Projekt:3D was part of amazing wedding party located in Julesburg Fire Hall.

We were able to transfer that small place into quite fun place to dance ! We loved it!

For the first time we used lights to uplight the bridal party table setting the colors to match the wedding colors.

We also did not use whole truss to set the lights up.Reception room was not that big so half of the lights was enough to creat great dance party atmosphere.


Thank you Christina and Adam for choosing us.



Wedding June 28th 2014

Published: Sunday, 29 June 2014

wedding dj sidney nebraska holiday inn



 This one  was turned out perfect considering lights and dj set up in general.

Sidney Holiday Inn is the best venue in the area for us to dj .

Another beautiful wedding with great fun people.

Congratulations Kelsey and Garrett!

Thank you for letting us be part of your wedding. 






Wedding June 5th 2014

Published: Thursday, 05 June 2014




We had a wonderful time DJ Annie and Billy wedding!

Great people, pretty decorations, amazing atmosphere!

Thank you for having us!

Lodgepole Community Hall is one of the best places for us to DJ.

We can really show our set up!

Note colors!Even Don had a matching shirt.





Wedding May 17th 2014

Published: Sunday, 18 May 2014

wedding dj sidney nebraska party fun

Yesterday we had a privilege to do sound ,music and lights to most wonderful and amazing couple Lisa and Dan.We had a lot of fun DJ that wedding party.
Lights turned out perfect this time!

We uplight center piece and decided to set it to change colors later during the dance and it made huge difference!

We used laser light for the first time but without fog machine:(we didnt want to set smoke alarm off.
Congratulations Dan and Lisa-thank you for choosing us to DJ your wedding:)
and the crowd-what an incredible group of people who knows how to have super fun!THANK YOU:)






Wedding October 12th 2013

Published: Saturday, 12 October 2013






Cheyenne County Fairgrounds in Sidney was the place where we had a wedding.







Wedding September 28th 2013

Published: Saturday, 28 September 2013







Buffalo Point Steakhouse in Sidney was the place we DJ for our last wedding on Saturday in September.





Wedding July 20th 2013

Published: Saturday, 20 July 2013




Small wedding reception,lots of fun.

Lodgepole Valley Youth Camp in Sidney was the place to be.


Thank you for having us DJ your wedding!






Wedding June 1st 2013

Published: Saturday, 01 June 2013







June 1st Lucy and Don were in Julesburg Colorado at the Fairgrounds for a small wedding reception.





Wedding August 11th 2012

Published: Saturday, 11 August 2012





Jordan and Adam got married on August 11 and Don and Lucy provided music for their reception in Sidney Nebraska







Wedding June 30th 2012

Published: Saturday, 30 June 2012







Small June wedding we DJ in Gurley Nebraska.






Wedding July 30th 2011

Published: Saturday, 30 July 2011






Last Saturday in July we went to Grand Island Nebraska to celebrate Pedro and Nichole at Moonlight Ridge Vineyard 






Wedding July 16th 2011

Published: Saturday, 16 July 2011




July wedding reception we DJ at Sidney Elks Lodge!

Congratulations Miranda and Jerami!







Wedding June 25th 2011

Published: Saturday, 25 June 2011






End of June we were DJs (Don and Bob) for a wedding at the Elks Lodge in Sidney.