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Wedding June 25th 2016 Reception

Published: Sunday, 26 June 2016
 Here are(click on the picture-it will take you to facebook gallery of the event)  few photos from a very fun and great wedding reception forMelissa and Christopher.
Melissa loves Batman so out came the Batman logo light.
This was a very informal and fun reception and another reception for two families that have been very supportive of our business over the years.
We thank you all so much and look forward to more events coming up.
We wish all the best to Melissa and Chris

Wedding June 24th,2016

Published: Saturday, 25 June 2016



Friday afternoon we traveled again to Alliance for another absolutely amazing and wonderful wedding.

A beautiful bride and nice groom and their families provided a great experience for us. It was an honor to be part of your wedding ceremony by an incredible water fountain in the Alliance park and reception at the Eagles Club in Alliance.

We had so much fun! The pink and orange colors were perfect with with our new lights. New gobo light added so much personal touch to the set up!
Zach and Nicole we wish you both all the best in your new life together.Thank you for choosing us to be your DJ.





Wedding June 18th,2016

Published: Sunday, 19 June 2016




This weekend we got the opportunity for the first time to DJ wedding in Alliance NE in a georgeous venue-Newberry`s.

We got lucky to be part of amazing wedding reception ofShannon and Shawn.

Most wonderful group of people to have fun with on that Saturday night!

Beautifully decorated and very elegant wedding venue where we could truly use our gobo light and uplights! It was perfect in every way!

Thank you all- to Newberry`s staff and most of all to Shannon and Shawn and their families for having us dj your most important day of your lives!

We wish you both all the best!


Wedding June 11th,2016

Published: Sunday, 12 June 2016



June 11th this year we ended up DJing a different wedding than originally planned. Things work out sometimes in an amazing way!

A beautiful,elegant wedding with the nicest couple anybody can ever imagine.

We are so lucky we got to be part of your most important day of your life!

Thank you so much for everything. We wish you both Melissa and Kacey all the best in your new life!





Wedding June 4th 2016

Published: Sunday, 05 June 2016



 First June Wedding of this year and we DJed in Sidney for Amber and Nathan.

The Ceremony was at the Sidney Fine Art Center and reception afterwards at the fairgrounds! Evening filled with lots of fun, dancing and good times! The wedding set up and decor this couple chose at the Fairgrounds worked incredible for our uplights!

We made a gobo light the with bride and groom names and their wedding date. It was projected on the wall and uplighted with lights. We uplighted the cake table and bridal table-everything looked perfect!
We would like to thank Amber and Nathan and their families for choosing us to DJ your big day. Thank you for your kindness.

Perfect time,great memories! We wish you all the best in your new life together!



Wedding May 28th 2016

Published: Sunday, 29 May 2016


 When the brides dad, during his speech, said "how can a girl from Bridgeport, Nebraska meet and marry a guy from Clemson, South know, I think bigger was going on", we had to agree as we felt the same way as we found ourselves at a beautiful church with the best crowd to kick off Memorial Day weekend.

From the moment we arrived and stepped into the sanctuary every step of the day was filled with tradition, ethnic dancing, and fantastic Greek food.

The ceremony was a joy to watch and the reception was so much fun...did I mention the Greek food.

Thank you to both families, those who helped make the day happen, and of course the bride and groom for allowing us to be a part of your important day.




Wedding May 21st 2016

Published: Sunday, 22 May 2016




Our first May wedding reception of the year took place in Sidney at the Fairgrounds. Decorated with lots of charm and elegance, this wedding was one of the best.

Filled with dancing and good times! Matt and Kayla and your families-thank you for having us DJ your wedding reception!

You guys were absolutely amazing! We had so much fun enjoying your most important day of your lives! Thank you!
We appreciate you all! Without you we couldn`t do what we love.
All the best to you Matt and Kayla in your new chapter of your lives! #wellsyoumarryme



Wedding April 2nd 2016

Published: Sunday, 03 April 2016

A day to remember for DJ Projekt 3D as we hit the foothills of Colorado again for 
a fabulous wedding and reception for the new Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Stephanie Jensen.

The Deer Creek Valley Ranch near Bailey, Colorado was our early destination, both in time and date and for an April 2nd wedding in Colorado, the weather cooperated and gave us a beautiful day.

The venue and view were both as spectacular as the couple and the crowd!
We want to thank bride and groom and their families and guests for wonderful time we had at their wedding.

We also want to thank staff and manager Lindsey at Deer Creek Valley Ranch for their kindness and hospitality.Big thank you goes to Brandi from Cheers Wedding Planning-she made everything go so smooth and perfect for us and everybody!

DJ Projekt 3D also wants to wish Mr. Jensen, #66 of the Baltimore Ravens, a successful upcoming season. 


Wedding January 9th 2016

Published: Sunday, 10 January 2016




For our first wedding of 2016 we travelled to Ogallala NE.

Beautifully decorated Keith County Fairgrounds for amazing couple Christina and Michael wedding was wonderful start for our wedding season this year.

We had a lot of fun providing music,lights and announcing for you.

Thank you for having us!we wish both of you all the best in your new life together!





November 7th Wedding Reception

Published: Sunday, 08 November 2015



Our last wedding reception of 2015 was on a farm.Beautifully decorated with lots of charm and style.

We were very honored to DJ wedding reception for Leah and Jason.

Wonderful and amazing couple.We could not have asked for a better end of our wedding season this year.

Thank you all especially Leah and Jason and their families for your allowing us to be part of your most important time of your lives.

Thank you and we wish you all the best !




Wedding October 10th 2015

Published: Sunday, 11 October 2015





Our October Wedding this year took place in Sidney.Beautiful ceremony at Living Memorial Gardens and reception at the Fairgrounds.

Perfect weather,perfect time, wonderful people.

Beautiful bride.

Thank you for everything-it was such a pleasure and honor to be part of your most important day of your lives.



Wedding September 26th 2015

Published: Sunday, 27 September 2015


The seasons have changed again and our first official fall wedding was a beautiful affair with a traveling entourage from Sterling in tow for a wedding ceremony and 
reception to last a lifetime.

Our last wedding in September found us back in Sidney and back at the Cheyenne County Fairgrounds where our last reception was in April.

With amazing decorations and a great meal, this fun loving group danced and surprised along the way with a cast of celebrities to last the whole night.

Local legend Dick Hall started us off with a great rendition of Kenny Rogers "Lady", followed by a surprise visit by Lady GaGa later in the night.

In between every one took in the one off performance by the one and only Elvis who took time out of his busy schedule to perform especially for this wonderful couple.



Wedding September 20th 2015

Published: Monday, 21 September 2015




A 67th wedding anniversary highlighted this Sunday wedding day as this couple tied the knot at the beautiful Scottsbluff County Country Club followed by fine food and
spirits at the Weborg 21 Centre in Gering.

A stunning bride and groom and a fun crowd danced the night away. One thing these newlyweds learned, do not even try to keep up with the grandparents on their 67th anniversary, espcially if you want to waltz!!! Thank you to all for a wonderful night!!!
We would like to send big and heartfelt thank you to one person who brought us and the couple together -great DJ from Scottsbluff area-DJ Music System-Gary Uhrich.Thank you so much for referral:))



Wedding September 19th 2015

Published: Sunday, 20 September 2015




Horseback riding, a dance off, and great food ,garter auctioning were just some of the highlights of this wonderful wedding reception in Lisco.

 Full of country pride and a fun couple, we had another successful night.

Thank you again to everyone for an awesome time!

Congratutions Stephanie and Dever!





Wedding September 12th 2015

Published: Sunday, 13 September 2015




When a family completes itself something magical happens, such was the night with this wonderful couple who danced the night away with family and friends in this fun gathering. The air was filled with Latino music and Cornhusker football as this union was celebrated with culture in mind.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this night another memorable one for us!





Wedding September 5th 2015

Published: Sunday, 06 September 2015



September means Labor Day Weekend, Husker Games, and our first September wedding this year!

A beautifully decorated space, pretty colors, and a wonderful couple, so happy to be starting their lives together, this wedding was a fun relaxed atmosphere that fit in perfectly with the long holiday weekend.

A big thank you to Roxann and Eric for starting the fall season off right. Great food, a great cake, great crowd, and great times, this wedding is one for the memories!





Wedding August 29th 2015

Published: Sunday, 30 August 2015



 Bridgeport Nebraska was our destination place for fabulous wedding party

A full moon night and a beautifully decorated venue, this wedding reception had style and grace as another perfectly matched couple danced the night away with family and friends. Thank you to eveyone who made this night a memorable one!!!

We are really getting used to doing these Western themed wedding receptions.

If you ever find yourself at one be ready for great food, great company, and a great time. These really are fun!!! P.S. - The potato bar was a first for us for supper.What a wonderful idea.




Wedding August 22nd 2015

Published: Sunday, 23 August 2015



Our last ourside wedding reception for the year. All three in August and all three were in very unique and different locations around the lower panhandle of Nebraska. From beautiful rainbows to ponds and parks, all three were emotion filled celebrations of two lives coming together as one.

What more could we ask for. Another wedding for another Holz daughter almost five years later and the similarities were just astounding. It was such a fun and wonderful night.

Great crowd, great dancing, tons of fun!!! Now for part two next weekend!?!? Yes another wedding for this great group of people. Maybe a third wedding for the Holz family in five years. We say "Let's make it a tradition!" If anything lets meet again at the Dix park just for the fun of it. Projekt:3D would love to do it again.

Thank you all again for a great night!!! 



Wedding August 15th 2015

Published: Sunday, 16 August 2015



Another emotion filled afternoon and night with this couple, Randy and Danielle.

What can we say but thank you for a great time. It is nights like tonight that we really do enjoy what we do as mobile dj's and that is being a part of something that is so right and important.

Every weekend is unique and the raw emotion of this night will not be forgotten soon. Cherish this night. You both deserve it!!!






Wedding August 8th 2015

Published: Sunday, 09 August 2015




Wow, what an amazing night for a wedding. The venue at Buffalo Bend by Potter was decorated so wonderful. A wedding ceremony underneth a gigantic cottonwood tree. Some of the best beef brisket anyone could ask for. A setting for the reception that was just made for us to light up. A fun group of people. A beautiful couple who are the epitome of grace and style. From tears during the ceremony to rain at night we only have to thank a most gracious group of people who were kind and understanding to both us and the bride and groom as an unfortunate wind and rain finally ended the outside reception. Everyone pitched in to help clean up and make sure first of all that our gear was taken care of. We can only give our warmest thank you for all your help. When most people would run away from the storm everyone just pitched in to help where they could and turn what could have been a tough night for the bride and groom into an opportunity to live what they truly are, extremely close friends who are a fun and tightnit group.

Read more: Wedding August 8th 2015

Wedding August 1st Reception

Published: Sunday, 02 August 2015



Our first outdoor and August wedding this year we did in Morrill NE for a wonderful couple Katy and Kyle.
They picked beautiful place for their wedding reception.Weather was perfect, we had a great place to set up our gear and protect it from the rain(yes it rained a little while we were setting up).
Great, kind and wonderful people, lots of fun......thank you so much for having us!






Wedding July 17th 2015

Published: Saturday, 18 July 2015



Our last wedding ceremony and reception in July 2015 took place in Peetz Colorado.

We posted lots of pictures from great ,beautiful and fun wedding of Clarissa and Matt! You guys are 
great to party with!

Great place, great people,great fun! thank you so much.All the 
best for you in your new life together!





Wedding July 11th 2015

Published: Sunday, 12 July 2015



Another July wedding and Projekt:3D found ourselves in Kimball for the wedding of Dalton and Barry Baber.

Afternoon rains the previous two days kept everone on edge as the question became would the weather hold. Driving to Kimball we saw the storm clouds gathering but everything cleared and as the balloons were set to flight from Gotte Park in Kimball a beautiful wedding ceremony had finished.

A small but enthusiatic crowd gathered at the Kimball Event Center for a night filled with dancing and toasts, oh and sugar, LOTS of sugar. From the dessert bar to the cake, this wedding and reception were sweet from beginning to end. Thank you again to the families and friends of this wonderful couple for great night.



Wedding July 4th 2015

Published: Sunday, 05 July 2015


Not often it happens you get to DJ wedding a on 4th of July-we got that great privilege this year!

It was a great celebration of Allie and Jordan getting married.

The crowd was very fun and ready to dance at all times.

It was such a great 4th of July celebration!

We will carry wonderful memories from your wedding day Allie and Jordan.

Thank you all!!!





Wedding June 27th 2015

Published: Sunday, 28 June 2015



Last Saturday of June we were in Lodgepole celebrating marriage of Megan and Brent.

It is so amazing to see familiar faces from previous weddings we did in this family.

We thank you so much for your support,for choosing us.

We loved it so much last night.

Great times,great people,food,decorations.....All the best for you Megan and Brent!