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Wedding May 27th 2017

Published: Sunday, 28 May 2017



Lodgepole NE was Don wedding DJ destination for Memorial weekend.

He got to DJ wedding for Sally and Branson enjoying Lodgepole community where he grew up!

A Beautiful ceremony at Sullivan Hills followed by the reception on a private farm.

It was an honor to be DJ for you guys!

Best group of people to be DJ for in my home place.

Great rustic country settings and lots of fun!Thank you so much! Sally and

Sally and Branson, we both wish you all the best! You two are such a wonderful couple! 



Wedding May 20th 2017

Published: Sunday, 21 May 2017

harmsweddingrFor another May wedding for us, we were back in Peetz Colorado!

Ceremony and reception held at beautifully decorated Peetz Community Hall was a great place to be!

Beautiful, kind Sara and wonderful Jim were a great couple to celebrate the start of their new life together!not to mention perfect guests dancing way past midnight!

We cannot thank you enough for having us in your most important day of your lives!

What an honor and blessing! We wish you all the best Sara and Jim! We also have to mention vendors one of the best photographers in the area to work with -Denice Webb Photography out of Sterling working tirelessly to make sure she captured everything important for the couple! We are super excited to know we will be working together again in August and September!


Wedding May 6th 2017

Published: Sunday, 07 May 2017

briandkylerOur wedding season kicked off last Saturday with a celebration of the marriage of two wonderful people-Kyle and Brielle.

Laugh, love and happiness!

An evening filled with dancing!

Beautifully decorated with a ceiling decorated by Sue Hiett and rest by Alisha Juelfs who did an amazing job!

Thank you, Alisha and Anna Marie for coordinating everything and making our work easier!

It was also great to work with Sheriff Photobooth out of Cheyenne! Very professional and wonderful! and of course, Emily Jessen-she is the best photographer!

We wish all the best to Kyle and Brielle!

Thank you for having us DJ your wedding! 


Wedding January 7th,2017

Published: Sunday, 08 January 2017

murrayrOur first wedding of 2017 was one of the best.

A perfect way to start the season!

Decorated with style and charm of winter time-stunning beautiful!

Fun and dancing all night in addition to all of it!

Thank you, Alec and Nichole for having us DJ your wedding.

We had so much fun!

We wish you all the best in your lives together!

also great working with Emily Jessen, Sue Hiett who did awesome job decorating!

Stewie`s Bar( Nikki for taking care of drinks!perfect wedding crew!



Wedding December 31st 2016

Published: Sunday, 01 January 2017



Last day of 2016 and the first day of 2017 we celebrated with an awesome wedding in Sterling Colorado.

Perfect end of fantastic DJ season and beginning of new one!

Fun times, great set up, great group of fun loving people, wonderful couple Alexis and Kyle.

Dancing all night

Thank you for having me DJ your wedding! it was so special for so many reasons to share that most important moment of your life with me!

We wish you all the best in your new lives together.



Wedding December 10th 2016

Published: Saturday, 10 December 2016




There is something super special about December weddings and we are always looking forward to book them!

Yesterday we DJ'd one of the best weddings of the year with Evelyn and Trever Conn's wedding reception!

Lots of fun and wonderful people; great families and friends.

It was wonderful to work with Kenzy Hurst Feltes as the photographer and Angela O'Leary cake and cupcakes-what a treat again for us!

Huge thanks go to Gary Uhrich from DJ Music System for connecting us!


Wedding November 5th 2016

Published: Sunday, 06 November 2016



 Our November wedding of this year took place in the beautiful area by Ogallala-Haythorn Ranch and Cattle.

Perfect place to celebrate the marriage of two awesome people-Stacey and Troy.A night filled with fun and dancing.

Perfect weather, perfect place, a perfect bride and groom and their friends and families and working with our most favorite photographer Jamie Wieseler!

Thank you for all the love and kindness! we so appreciate you choosing us to be part of your most important day Stacey and Troy!

We wish you all the best in the future!


Wedding October 29th 2016

Published: Sunday, 30 October 2016



End of October Lucy was a DJ for great wedding in Pine Bluffs Wyoming.

Lots of fun and great place for dancing and having good time.

Most of all wonderful crowd with beautiful bride and kindest groom.

All of you- Alisha and Torey famillies and friends- you were so great to me!

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your big day!

What a fantastic end of super busy October for us!

Alisha and Torey we wish you all the best! 



Wedding October 22nd 2016

Published: Sunday, 23 October 2016




Donald was the DJ for this fabulous and fun wedding we did in North Platte.

Beautifully decorated in a wonderful location.

Lots of dancing and great fun.

We thank you so much for choosing us to DJ your wedding Terrin and Nate.

We both wish you all the best in your future lives together!

May it always be as great as your wedding day! 



Wedding October 15th 2016

Published: Sunday, 16 October 2016




Peetz, Colorado was the location for our wedding this weekend as we celebrated Makenna and Aaron's wedding reception. Lucy had a privilege to be a DJ for this fun loving and kind crowd.

Small DJ set up with lots of uplights and gobo on the wall helped transform reception area into very elegant place.

A beautiful couple, a wonderful crowd made this night one to remember.

Thank you everybody for lots of fun!

We wish only the best for the couple in the future.


Wedding October 1st 2016

Published: Sunday, 02 October 2016




First October wedding Lucy went to Kimball NE for a beautiful fall themed wedding.

Ceremony and reception-both filled with love and laughter.

Wonderful couple Brittany and Brian and their awesome famillies and friends were such fun to DJ for.

Thank you all for fantastic time!

Thank you for booking with us again.

We both wish Brittany and Brian all the best in their new lives together! 



Wedding September 24th 2016

Published: Sunday, 25 September 2016


 September 24th Lucy travelled to Wyoming to an absolutely wonderful place to get married and have reception in the area-Table Mountain Vineyards by Torrington Wyoming to be a DJ for the kindest and most wonderful couple you can ever meet-Courtney and Robert. Ceremony was beautifull in such a picturesque setting-autumn weather was so beautiful that day! Reception was fun ,filled with dancing the whole time! thank you so much for great time!Thank you for having Lucy DJ your wedding reception and do sound for ceremony!you guys rocked! Courtney and Robert-I wish you all the best!you were so kind and wonderful to me! (so were your families!!!)THANK YOU for that! I have nothing but admiration for both of you-have great life together! Big thanks to goes to Table Mountain Vineyards owners for their hospitality ,kindness and help!Thank you! and again!-HUGE thanks goes to Gary Uhrich from DJ Music System for connecting us!-I cannot thank you enough for your support and making difference in creating great local DJ culture.


Wedding September 24th 2016

Published: Sunday, 25 September 2016




September 24th Donald was a DJ for wonderful couple Stuart and Anne who had wedding recepton at Buffalo Point Steakhouse & Grill in Sidney.

Night full of dancing and fun times!

We loved being part of Stuart and Anne big day.

Thank you all who partied with us!

Thank you for having Projekt:3D to be your dj.

We wish Stuart and Anne all the best in their new lives together! 


Wedding September 17th 2016

Published: Sunday, 18 September 2016





This past weekend besides Sidney Homecoming Dance we also DJ wedding!

Lucy did Homecoming Dance ,Don did the wedding. 
Ceremony at Sidney Fine Arts Center followed by reception located at beautifully decorated Cheyenne County Fairgrounds.
We want to wish all the best to Shauna and Ryan in their new lives together.
Also it was nice to work with Jenn from Kiss This Photography!



Wedding September 10th 2016 Reception

Published: Sunday, 11 September 2016




This past Saturday we celebrated already married couple.

August 20th 216 was their wedding date-yesterday was wedding reception.

Wonderful crowd,fun times! Lights worked perfect, gobo light was displayed best possible way!.

We loved every minute of Misty and Andrew wedding reception!

Thank you so much for having us DJ your wedding!

We wish both of you all the best in you lives together!




Wedding September 4th 2016

Published: Sunday, 04 September 2016





Labor Day Weekend contiuned with another wedding to DJ-this time we went to Denver- Arvada Colorado for very beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony and reception.

It turned our to be perfect day ,weather was great despite of all the storms around us!

It means so much Rebecca that you had us DJ your big day!

thank you so much-what a great memories!

We wish you all the best -You and Steve have awesome life together!




Wedding September 3rd 2016

Published: Saturday, 03 September 2016



 Saturday Labor Day Weekend Lucy travelled to Alliance Nebraska to one of the best wedding venues- Newberry`s to DJ Wedding of Lori and Chris.Elegant and beautifully decorated place worked so well for the lights and the set up.

Displaying gobo on the wall-lights matching wedding colors.

Wonderful crowd dancing all night! Lori and Chris thank you for your kindness and allowing me (Lucy) to DJ your wedding to be my first wedding on my own!
We wish both of you nothing but happiness in your lives together!

Big thanks to Crystal Bach Photography-she worked hard and is the nicest person to work with! cannot wait to see pictures.




Wedding August 20th 2016

Published: Sunday, 21 August 2016




Our last August wedding of this year took place in Sidney Nebraska at the Fairgrounds.

We were honored to provide music and announcing for wedding reception of Mathew and Nicki-two wonderful people!

Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your most important day!

We had so much fun with lights and music and all of you having fun!Thank you so much.

We wish both of you all the best in your new life together!





Wedding August 13th 2016

Published: Sunday, 14 August 2016



August 13th we returned to Weborg 21 in Gering NE for another amazing wedding!

We absolutely loved it there.Everything was great.Beautiful,kind and sweet bride and groom.

Wonderful guests dancing all night! All the things were spot on like amazing cake by Kadee Land Baylessfrom Kadee`s Kakes also Weborg staff and the owner Lisa-You guys went extra mile to make it all look so beautiful such cake display or snack/veggie table!

Thank you for workng with us!It was one of the best experiences.
Grace and Cole and your families thank you so much for having us DJ your wedding -we wish you all the best in your lives together.





Wedding August 7th 2016

Published: Monday, 08 August 2016




Our busy first weekend in August ended up on Sunday afternoon by Hemingford NE with absolutely stunning wedding we could ever imagine!Georgeous set up,beautful decorations-elegance and country charm mixed together-and most of all -amazing ,kind ,caring and beautiful people who had us as DJs in their most important day of their lives.
Everything was great-weather,sunny beautiful Sunday afternoon-sweet and georgeous stunnig bride and fun and kind groom. Thank you Desiree and Blendon-we wish you nothing but love and happiness in your lives together!
Also thank you to the families-especially Lonnie and Joyce for your kindness.
(You give love you recieve love)
We have to mention photographer- Jessica Thoutt-what a fun,professional person to work with!
and again HUGE thanks goes to Gary Uhrich from DJ Music System out of Scottsbluff for connecting us.


Wedding August 6th 2016

Published: Saturday, 06 August 2016





Our first wedding in Cheyenne Wyoming was one of the best.Great comic theme with awesome decor and nicest bride and groom and their families!Batman gobo light shined on the dance floor and green uplighted bridal table was such a great touch to the reception place.Tory you were such a kind hearted and beautiful bride!Daniel thank you for your kindness and hospitality.You guys and your families were so great to us! Thank you for having us DJ your most important day in your lives!Big thanks to Denise Miller-you were the reason we could DJ wedding for those two wonderful people!
We wish both of you -Tory and Daniel all the best in your lives together.




Wedding July 30th 2016 Reception

Published: Sunday, 31 July 2016



Last July wedding reception for us took place in Sidney Country inn and Suites-absolutely the best place in the area for our light set up!

We had so much fun DJ this one.

Beautiful summer decoration-energetic and wonderful crowd that danced the whole time!We appreciated all of you! what a fun night!

Thank you Ashley and Hunter for choosing us to DJ your wedding!
And huge and sincere thank you for this one goes again toGary from DJ Music System out of Scottsbluff for connecting us!





Wedding July 23rd 2016

Published: Sunday, 24 July 2016






Our first wedding in Chappell as DJ Projekt:3D was a great success with people who were ready to have fun.

The Deuel County Fairgrounds has tons of white space that lends itself to be lit up.

Our smaller setup fit perfectly and sounded great for this reception.

Congratulations to a wonderful couple and thank you to all their fantastic friends who made the night very memorable. 



Wedding July 16th 2016

Published: Sunday, 17 July 2016





A beautiful setting greeted us with heavy rain, but this bride and groom were not worried. They knew the rain would pass and the skies would open for a picturesque wedding ceremony followed by a reception that went far into the night. Fireworks and dancing prevailed as this wonderful couple set off on their life together and friends and family, and the couple made sure everyone had fun. Congratulations to Morgan and Kobie. 
Morgan thank you for your heart sign as thank you at the end of the night!that meant so much to us!!-and not often you get to set up under a roadster,
It was also great to work again with Jac Reynolds and his wife Sammie (Devoted Eye Photography).We also have to mention videographer -The Star Photo and Video out of Torrington WY.



Wedding July 2nd 2016

Published: Sunday, 03 July 2016




        July 4h weekend started for us best possible way-being djs for wedding of Loretta and Larry.Great , fun times filled with lots of dancing at this awesome venue in Scottsbluff-Hampton Inn.We could use all our lights in a perfect way!Used all the gobos we have!Made two them this time for this lovely couple! Transformed reception room into elegant wedding place!

We got to work again with an awesome photographerElizabeth Fehringer!
and big thank you to Hampton Inn staff!you guys were so wonderful to us,so helpful and so kind! made our job go so easy and smooth! thank you all!
Thank you to Loretta and Larry for choosing us .We had so much fun playing music for you!We wish you all the best!and we will do the best go to all your Aspen County concerts in the area-we love Loretta singing.