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Ugly Sweater Party-Main Street Tavern

Published: Saturday, 24 December 2016





What an awesome early Christmas gift for us!

DJ for Ugly Sweater Party at our one of the favorite venues!

Christmas matching colors for our lights to set the right mood, lots of fun, music flowing perfect way!

Thank you all who were part of the fun night We wish you all very Merry Christmas!



40th Birthday Party

Published: Sunday, 27 November 2016





Our 6th and last birthday party for this season took place in Haxtun Colorado as we celebrated 40th birthday having lots of fun.

Customized gobo with birthday party theme added a personal touch to the lights for the event.

Great group of fun loving and dancing people.

We really want to thank all of you for your incredible kindness!

Thank you and Jeremy all the best to you for your birthday! 


Thanksgiving Celebration `16

Published: Saturday, 26 November 2016




Busy Thanksgiving weekend started for us in Julesburg Colorado with private Thanksgiving party for an awesome family we got to DJ for again.

Lots of dancing,good food, visiting,laughs and wonderful people!

Perfect way for us to celebrate for us as DJs! Thank you so much for having us again!





50th Birthday Party

Published: Sunday, 13 November 2016




Surprise 50th birthday party in Sidney was where we were honored to DJ this last Saturday !

Dancing,games,great food and wonderful time with such a great family and friends.

What a wonderful memories from that evening we will have......

Deb, we wish you all the best on your birthday!

Thank you for having us DJ your special surprise party!

You all were so awesome!!! 



Main Street Tavern-Oshkosh Halloween Party`16

Published: Sunday, 30 October 2016





Don was DJ for Halloween Party in Oskhosh in our one of the most favorite places to DJ !

Great costumes with creepy clown among them and great dancing crowd having fun all night!

Thank you for having us back !




Garden County Fair Dance

Published: Friday, 05 August 2016




First Friday night in August this year we were in Lewellen for Garden County Fair for their Friday dance.

What an amazing time with truly great people! We loved it ! great setting,great place to hold such a event!lights were perfect!

We even got the gobo light for the event that look perfect on the wall!

Thank you for choosing us this year for your DJ Dance.





Golden Living Event

Published: Friday, 03 June 2016




Friday evening we were entertaining a small group of residents at Golden Living Center in Sidney NE.

Great fun,perfect light, and music for a family event.

We want to thank the Golden Living Staff for putting it all together and having us DJ.

We loved it! It was a nice return back to the place where Donald spent so much time working with the residents. 




90th Birthday Party

Published: Monday, 30 May 2016




Memorial Weekend celebrating continued in Julesburg CO.Sunday evening we were honored to part of birthday celebration of amazing woman.

90 years old and dancing the whole night! What a incredible and beautiful event put together by this wonderful family who wanted to honor person who means so much to them.

Thank you for having us DJ your party- it does not happen you get to do 90 years old birthday party that often! 




Graduation Party 2016

Published: Sunday, 15 May 2016


A few pictures(clicking on the picture will take you to facebook gallery) from last nights Graduation Party that we DJ in Sterling Colorado. Using hazer made our lights look fantastic.The whole set up with a special for the ocasion gobo light that made the American Legion look nice and unique!
Amazing night filled with dancing and great energy!
A big thank you to Manuel and Michelle and their family and friends for a perfect DJ experience! We absolutely loved every minute of it! You guys were the best and kindest people to have fun with!
Skyler Talamantes-congratulation on your academic achievement! It is a huge and important step in your life.We wish you all the best in the future!Thank you!





Cedar Lanes High School Bowling Party

Published: Monday, 11 April 2016



Our busy weekend ended up with a private bowling party for the Sidney High School Thespians to celebrate a successful run of their Dinner Theater "The Wild, Wild, Wildest West". The kids were great as everyone enjoyed Cosmic Bowling, food, prizes, and music provided by DJ Projekt:3D.

Thank you to Brett Avila and Dave Mead for letting us have a fun time!!!






50th Birthday Party

Published: Sunday, 13 March 2016



Saturday we travelled to Lewellen for another birthday party hosted at Garden County Fairgrounds.

Great building for such events -we were able to use bigger set up and our gobo light with Happy Birthday again added great touch to the birthday decor!

We had lots of fun DJ this one too.

Fun people,fun dancing times!

We appreciate you choosing us to DJ your birthday party.




50th Birthday Party

Published: Saturday, 12 March 2016




Few pictures from another great birthday party.

Sidney Country Inn and Suites on Friday night was great place to DJ that event.

Wonderful set up-our gobo light with Happy Birthday projected on the wall with all the uplightning we brought with us added that special touch!

We loved it!

Everyone had a lot of fun!




60th Birthday Party

Published: Sunday, 06 March 2016



What a fun night for us!Celebrating 60th birthday with group of the nicest,fun loving 
and wonderful people!

Our small DJ set up worked perfectly for Sterling American Legion Building.

We will remember that one as one of the best!All generations dancing and having fun!

We thank you all for your kindness ,great time and memories!

Happy Birthday!!





Chilitos New Year Party

Published: Friday, 01 January 2016



A New Years Eve to remember at Chilitos last night.

Thank you to everyone who came and had fun ringing in the new year. Great crowd, great place, we look forward to going back to Chilitos soon!

Great way to celebrate fantastic year for us as DJs!thank you all!







Thanksgiving Celebration`15

Published: Wednesday, 25 November 2015





End of the 2015 season for us! What a great way to celebrate it with Thanksgiving dance.

Thank you so much for great times,!lots of fun! wonderful memories!thats why we do it!

now have great Thanksgiving everyone!





Costumes and Coctails

Published: Saturday, 31 October 2015




Halloween night we were back in Oshkosh Main Street Tavern for great fun Halloween Party.

We set up on newly built stage with lots of space for our lights and dance floor for everybody to have fun!

Great costumes and great people!

thank you!

see you next time




Comedy Pit Halloween Bash

Published: Saturday, 31 October 2015





Few pictures from our Friday Halloween Party.We started Halloween weekend festivities on Friday.

Lots of fun-good food,good entertainment,perfect lights for our set up!





Chilitos Birthday Party

Published: Sunday, 25 October 2015


Last weekend before Halloween we were back in Colorado at Chilitos to celebrate their 2nd year anniversary of opening.

We danced with great group of wonderful people,had so much fun sharing Chilitos big day with you.We are looking forward to New Years Party.
We wish Chilitos owners and staff all the best ,hope for many more years partying with you.

Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.We appreciate it so much.






GC Homecoming Celebration at the Main Street Tavern -Oshkosh

Published: Friday, 09 October 2015




Few pictures from last night homecoming party at the Main Street Tavern in Oshkosh.

Great place to be for that celebration and wonderful people having good time.

It was so nice to see you all dancing the night.It was good to see some of you from this summer weddings we did in the area.

Thank you!we will have a lot of fun during Halloween Party in few weeks.





Wedding Anniversary Party

Published: Sunday, 29 March 2015




Last Saturday of the month March we were back at Chilitos.

This time we DJ  private party-25th Wedding Anniversary.

Chilitos has a very limited space for our DJ set up so we had to use our lighted up table instead of facade.

Our light set up was little different than last time.For the first time we got to use our adj inno pocket rolls and scaners and two adj spot moving heads.Excellent light set up for the space and the crowd.

We had wonderful ,fun time playing old and newer club music keeping energy going till the end.




The Main Street Tavern Grand Opening Party

Published: Sunday, 15 March 2015





Green lights, green beer,fun music was a theme for our Saturday night in Oshkosh NE.

We DJ their grand opening party for The Main Street Tavern which was lots of fun and energy.

Fantastic dancing crowd and great times! Thank you all who came out ,danced,had fun and packed the place.





Chilitos Valentine Party`15

Published: Monday, 16 February 2015

Our Valentines evening we spend in best possible way as DJs.

We played music for a very energetic, happy and great crowd at Mexican Restaurant Chilitos in Ovid Colorado.

We provided mixed music -dance pop,classic rock,country and mexican music.Diverse music selection ,diverse crowd-what a fun times.

We really enjoyed playing mexican music.
Big thank you for Chilitos owners and staff for their great hospitality and kindness.

Thank you for having us!We love your place! 





Halloween Party `14

Published: Friday, 31 October 2014

dj halloween partyA few photos from incredible,amazing,super great Halloween Party we

DJ in Broadwater Starr Street Diner!

We thank you for having us!

This place is absolutely the best for our lights,equipment and we could use fog machine!  so much fun!

See you guys next time! we love you!






Denver Art Show

Published: Friday, 05 September 2014

dj denver art show




Friday afternoon we took a trip to Denver to be part of event called First Friday Art Show where local artists are able to show their art in participating businesses all over Denver.

This one was for local artist Jenine Diers.

We had a lot of fun to dj this one! Dj music we really love and getting positive feedback was great!

Thank you for having us.  




Graduation Party

Published: Sunday, 11 May 2014


Saturday we were DJing wonderful graduation party.

Nice vibe,great decorations,lights and music.

Perfect time to celebrate graduation.

Karson we wish you all the best in the future!