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Dalton Fall Festival 2023

Published: Saturday, 23 September 2023




September 23 was a super busy day.

We provided sound and announcing for Dalton Fall Festival and also Photobooth for their craftshow.

It was so nice to see the event being revived.

Great job organizers and thank you for supporting us!




Suicide Awareness Walk 2023

Published: Sunday, 17 September 2023



Sunday we wrapped up with a Suicide Awareness Walk at Sidney High School track.

Great event we like to support year after year.

Sound and microphones.

Thank you so much for choosing us!







Lodgepole Old Settlers Celebration 2023

Published: Monday, 04 September 2023

99 old settlerrrrr



To wrap up busy Labor Day Weekend we also did sound and announcing for the Lodgepole Old Settlers Celebration.

Always fun and always great time.

See you next year for the 100th celebration!





Memorial Service Lodgepole NE 2023

Published: Monday, 29 May 2023

memorial23rMonday Memorial Weekend we provided sound and microphone for Memorial Services at Pleasant View Cemetery in Lodgepole Nebraska.

This year's weather was beautiful so we did not have to be inside of the building like last year.

Thank you for having us!







Hay Springs Bridal Show`23

Published: Saturday, 25 February 2023




Last Saturday in February Lucy went to Hay Springs in Nebraska at the  Galyen Barn Wedding Venue to participate in their first Bridal Show.

Awesome vendors, great visitors, and a wonderful time! 






Cheyenne County Chamber Of Commerce Banquet `23

Published: Saturday, 28 January 2023




This year again we were part of the Cheyenne County Chamber Of Commerce Banquet.

Providing music and Don did announce the event.

Fun and a great time and we so appreciate you choosing us for your DJ needs! thank you so much!





Homes For Our Troops

Published: Saturday, 22 October 2022



10.22.2022 was super busy for us.

In the morning Lucy went to Minatare NE to provide sound and microphones for Community Event for Homes For Our Troops event.

Great program helping disabled veterans in getting homes that are adapted to veterans' needs.






Octoberfest 5K Run 2022

Published: Saturday, 01 October 2022



This year's weather was fantastic for the Octoberfest 5K Run!

And there were a lot of participants in this year's run!

Sound and microphone provided by us!

thank you for supporting us for another year!






Suicide Awareness Walk 2022

Published: Sunday, 18 September 2022



This year we were back providing sound and microphone for the Suicide Awareness Walk.

Organizers had the walk by the Sidney High School and that was fantastic idea.

Great turn out for great cause.
Thank you for having us!






Lodgepole Old Settlers Celebration 2022

Published: Monday, 05 September 2022

oldsettlers22rAnd one of our favorite events we get to provide sound and announcing is Lodgepole Old Settlers Celebration.

What a wonderful way to start into September and Fall activities, thank you for your continuous support throughout the years.

Looking forward to next year!






Night Of Hope 2022

Published: Friday, 12 August 2022




20 year anniversary of Night of Hope-Cancer awareness walk took place on Friday at the Sidney Legion Park.

We have been part of most of the walks through the years! what an accomplisment!

This year was so much fun! thank you for having us!





Cheyenne County Chamber Of Commerce Banquet `22

Published: Saturday, 29 January 2022




This year we were involved in the Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce Banuquet.

Providing sound and emcee by Don was a great way to be part of this wonderful event.

Thank you for having us!






Bridal Trunk Show `21

Published: Saturday, 20 November 2021



A fun event for all the brides put together by A Bridal Affair boutique from Scottsbluff NE held at Scottsbluff NE Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel.

We were part of it providing music and showcasing our business.

Thank you all who stopped by on Saturday and Sunday!

see you at some of your weddings next year!

And thank you to all the other vendors we could connect with! 




Octoberfest 5K Run`21

Published: Saturday, 02 October 2021



Octoberfest 5K Run took place this year on Saturday morning.

Don did the music and announcing.

Provided sound for the event.

It is nice to be back after last year's break! thank you for having us again!






Lodgepole Old Settlers Celebration 2021

Published: Monday, 06 September 2021




This year's Old Settlers Celebration in Lodgepole over the Labor Day weekend was a lot of fun.

Being part of the Alumni Marching Band and doing the Monday afternoon program was a great way to be back in Lodgepole after an unfortunate break last year due to Covid!






Night Of Hope 2021

Published: Friday, 13 August 2021




Second Friday in August! Night of Hope Celebration! and we were part of it this year again. Don was providing sound and music.

Lucy had a wedding to DJ that day.







Memorial Day Services Lodgepole NE 2021

Published: Monday, 31 May 2021





Memorial Day Services Lodgepole Ne- providing music and sound.

Thanking our Veterans for their service to the country!






KSID Spring Expo `2021

Published: Saturday, 17 April 2021




We were back at KSID spring expo providing sound and music for the event and showcasing our DJ business.

It was nice to be part of it again after last year break due to Covid 19 restrictions.






Bridal Expo Kearney

Published: Sunday, 21 February 2021



After a break in shows and advertising Lucy was able to do Bridal Showcase in Karney Nebraska on February 21st, 2021.

It was nice to be back to somewhat normal and see all the brides and connect with other vendors like Jeff from Unforgettable Events by DJ Kaz.

Let`s hope this season will be better than the struggle of 2020!






Memorial Services

Published: Friday, 13 November 2020





Yesterday’s Candlelight Vigil for Troy Perez at Softball Field 2 in Sidney.

Honored to be providing sound and microphone for the event!







Trunk N Treat`19

Published: Sunday, 27 October 2019




10th annual community Trunk N Treat hosted by First United Methodist Church in Sidney took place last Sunday in October.

Weather this year was ok.

It was too cold to have it outside so organizers moved it inside but the turnout was great!

thank you all who came out and got yourself some candy and participated in the costume contest!

It is always so much fun to provide music and sound!



Lodgepole Old Settlers Celebration 2019

Published: Monday, 02 September 2019




September is always about Lodgepole Old Settlers Celebration in Lodgepole Nebraska. Tractor pull on Friday and parade and afternoon program on Monday.

This year we provided sound and announcing for both!

We always appreciate all of you! thank you for having us again!

What a nice end of the summer!




AG Behrends Appreciation Night

Published: Thursday, 22 August 2019




Thursday night we did sound and music for a small private gathering in Lodgepole Nebraska.

Don was the one who was the DJ.

Always fun to do such events! We appreciate choosing us!






Night of Hope 2019

Published: Friday, 09 August 2019




Few pictures posted to our DJ Facebook page from this year Night Of Hope we did in August! Beautiful weather, great participation.

Always wonderful to support such an amazing event.

Thank you Kim ,thank you Brenda for all you hard work  in putting this wonderful event together!

See you all next year




DQ Miracle Walk/Run `19

Published: Thursday, 25 July 2019




For the fourth year we were part of Dairy Queen Miracle Walk Run Day providing music an announcing for the event.

Always fun and great time!

Thank you for having us again!