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  • For our equipment we use: Peavey PA -15 inch main speakers and 18 inch sub-woofers with  individual control for the subs Pioneer DJM-2000 mixer and Pioneer CDJ 2000 players which are DJ industry standard for the best and reputable clubs and DJs around the world. Equipment
  • We provide great  and wide variety of lights.Lasers, moonflowers, waterlight,uv -black lights as well as regular wash lights that can be set to over 200 different colors to match your event.We can set it to elegant wedding settings or club-dance-party settings. Lights
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Projekt:3D is your Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado area mobile DJ and Photobooth Service (400-mile travel radius out of Sidney NE) dedicated to making your special event memorable. We are available for weddings, high school dances, special events...anything you need sound and DJ and Photobooth services for. Offering top sound reproduction with Pioneer Players and Mixers and Peavy sound, Projekt 3D can handle many small and big venues and events. With over 15 years of experience, we will make your event unique and special.




DJ Projekt:3D specializes as a wedding DJ and quality Photobooth. From small to large, DJ Projekt:3D can personalize your wedding with up lighting with matching colors and quality sound and photobooth.DJ Projekt:3D works with the couple, wedding party, and other vendors (facility, photographer, wedding planner, food vendor) to ensure that your wedding is all that you dreamed. Have another event in mind? DJ Projekt:3D does birthday parties, graduation parties, and family reunions. Looking for a school homecoming, prom, winter formal, or Jr. High dance? We do several each year with the latest music and clean versions of all the songs everybody wants to hear.                                  


Projekt 3D was born from the ideas of Lucy and Donald Davis. Both share a passion for music, both as listener and musician. Lucy hails from Europe with a great grasp of the latest modern sounds and trends as well as an extensive background in music from the 1950's to today. Donald has been seen playing drums and percussion for various bands and projects in the panhandle of Nebraska for over 20 years.
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